Executive Director- Wharton Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

The Executive Director leads and directs the overall management and operations of the facility in accordance with the resident and family needs, state regulations, and company policies. Responsibilities:
Supervise all department heads and office staff by regular rounds and conference
Evaluate the performance of each employee with the Department Head on a timely basis
Supervise the recruitment, employment, and discharge of all staff
Actively assist and participate in the development and retention of staff through recruitment, training and nurturing the employees of the nursing facility
Work with department heads in hiring personnel and ensure that there are adequate numbers of staff to meet the needs of the resident on a twenty-four (24) hour basis
Coordinate with the HR and business office to provide a safe place for storing physical management, financial, and personnel records
Work with facility staff in notifying appropriate staff and local agencies of transfer, temporary or permanent discharge, or death of any resident receiving Medicaid fund
Keep equipment in operating order
Establish standard operating procedures for physician practices, in coordination with the Director of Nursing
Review and evaluate all reports and document the disposition of recommendations and implementation from the facility s committees and consultants
Manage all aspects of state or federal government survey processes
Serve as the facility Compliance Officer and train all staff on the Compliance Program
Maintain the privacy of the resident s health information in accordance with HIPAA and serving as the facility HIPAA Officer
Ensures that facility is a safe, clean, comfortable, and appealing, environment for residents, visitors, and employees
Bachelor's degree in Healthcare Administrator or related field is required
Must hold a current license, in good standing, issued by the Texas State Board of Licensure for Nursing Home Administrators

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